Albatross Statistics Analysis


It is the statistical package, developed by experts in Seoul National University Statistics, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Science, etc.

A variety of new statistical models and theories such as HGLM and DHGLM have been recently developed by Lee & Nelder, and various statistical models using h-likelihood are being developed steadily

Features of ALBATROSS

Ability to analyze the latest advanced statistical models


Feature List

Technical  Statistics Technical Statistics
Statistical Test Z – Stat. Test
T-Stat. Test

Statistical Test

Normality Test
Correlation Analysis
Analysis of variance
Partition Table


Fisher exact Test
Kai Square Test
Cochran-Mentel-Hensel Test
Regression Analysis Linear Regression Analysis
Logistic  Regression Analysis
Probit Regression Analysis
Log Linear Regression Analysis
Generalized Linear Model
Mean-Distributed Coupled Model
Variable Effect



Linear Mixed Model
Generalized Linear Mixed Model
Multilevel Generalized Linear model
Dual Multilevel Generalized

Linear Model

Multivariate Dual Multilevel Generalized Linear Model

Data Analysis


Discriminant Analysis (LDA, QDA)
Principal Component Analysis
Canonical Correlation Analysis
K-means Clustering Analysis
Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
Partial Least Squares Method
Generalized Linear Model
Mean-Distributed Coupled Model
Survival Analysis Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis
Cox Regression Model
Frailty Model