Executive Introduction


  Name: Charles Tae


- C.G.Tae Technology Inc. CEO (2001.9 ~ )

- Hapsan Computer Inc. Founding Director

- IBM (1985.12 ~ 1994.12)

- Seoul National University majoring in Statistics and Computer science (1986)


 Research Publications

-Improving Energy Expenditure Estimation through Activity Classification and Walking Speed Estimation Using a Smartwatch (IEEE EMBC, Jul 2020)

-Detection of Sleep and Wake States Based on the Combined Use of Actigraphy and Ballistocardiography (IEEE EMBC, Jul 2019)

-Combined Regression and Classification Models for Accurate Estimation of Walking Speed Using a Wrist-worn IMU (IEEE EMBC, Jul 2018)

-Use of Average Vertical Velocity and Difference in Altitude for Improving Automatic Fall Detection from Trunk Based Inertial and Barometric Pressure Measurements (IEEE EMBC, Jul 2018)